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Hot members please report!


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Just waiting on Beach, :wacko: otherwise yall are checked in and I assume ya got the email (if not, pm or email me w/ your addy).

If you haven't done so already, please subscribe to the HOT forum as the rest of the info will be posted there.

Thanks for the quick replies.

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Beach is in! His eyeballs are popping out with the beach bunny eye candy, but he took time to confirm that he is in!

OKAY!!! Hows about the rest of you HAG members??? Let me know! CN?? Titan??

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Isn't it time for an old geezer to go undefeated again? :D


Man that is a tough call.

I will predict that Chargerz is toast! :D



Do I even have a league yet? :D


Man...I have tried everything to get the other leagues involved. PM CN and see what's happening.



That's my plan.



You are toast! The "Cicero Hit Squad" will kick butt this year! YES that is "Bold talk for a Bald fat man." :2cents::wacko::2cents:

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I use to be hot. My wife said I looked like Tom Selleck when I was young. Now that I am old I look like Saddam Hussein. :wacko:


I still look like Tom Selleck. Without the porn stache. And the tan. And the muscles. And the witty sense of humor. And the eyebrows. And the women.


Other than that we're identical.

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