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Transformers (toys not movie)


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I never really collected these as a kid... but were they always so hard to do? I've had brain teaser puzzles that were easier to figure out than this thing.


The one we picked up for my son looks like a silver Pontiac or something. Even reading the directions, this thing took me 10 minutes to get from a car to a robot... and I don't think I had it right. Lots and lots of fiddly little bits and things that have to rotate in obtuse ways and click into other parts. This is far more difficult then I remember them being as a child.

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They have degrees of difficulty on them.

1 is the simplest (basically push a button and up pops a transformer head) to 5.

anything more then a 3 I won't get 'cause it takes forever to do them.


Dangit... this one is a 3. I didn't even see that before.

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We got one for my 6 year old son a week or so back. I was appalled at what a piece of junk it was compared to the originals.


Yup, my kids are playing with mine from when I was a kid. Megatron is actually metal! except for the gun barrel, which still baffles me to this day.

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