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Keep Peyton for 1st Rd?

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Everything I read says pick up a QB in the mid rounds but my gut still tells me to keep Manning for my 1st round pick.

12 team league

Scoring - passing and rushing TDs = 6pts

passing yards - 1pt for 10yards

rushing yards - 1pt for 2.5 yards


top players last year - 1 thru 7 were QBs, #8ADP, #9Turner, #10 another QB













Most likely kept by other teams









Eli Manning





Each team can keep three players (only one from each position) Keeping Turner and Jennings. Don't have a good option for the 3rd keeper so it's either keep Manning costing me the 1st round or drop him and just keep my 1st round pick.

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1st round is a misnomer. Turner is your 1st round pick, Jennings is your 2nd round and now we're talking 3rd round pick. And yes, I'd be happy to keep Peyton for a 3rd. Granted, what RB and/or WR is being thrown back into the pool and where you're picking are important variables. Like if believe that a top 10 WR would be available to you for your 3rd round pick, then yeah, maybe don't keep Peyton.


I wouldn't say that...If he does not keep his first rounder, and everyone else does, then he effectively gets to pick whomever he wants out of the pool. That is, if I am understanding it correctly: In that the keeper pick costs you the round that you originally picked them in?

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If every other team in the league is protecting a QB, and you move up by not keeping one, and assuming you do not start 2 QBs, thus it is unlikely someone will draft a QB very early, what advantage is there to protecting Manning other than locking him in in case someone does draft a 2nd QB early?

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If I don't keep Manning it's possible I could pick up on one of the top 10 WR like you mentioned earlier. If that's the case should I try and push for a trade and lock up Garrard or Cutler?


Depends... What does it cost to keep them in addition to the pick you would use to acquire them

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Depends... What does it cost to keep them in addition to the pick you would use to acquire them


Cutler would cost a 7th and Garrard would cost a 15th. Jennings will cost me a 15th as well so I'd have to work out something like - my 9th and 14th for Garrard and his 15th so I'd have two 15ths to spend on keepers.

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Yea I keep batting this back and forth in my mind and I can just go into the draft without a QB keeper and have plenty of options and end up picking up two decent QBs and play with the best matchup week to week.


For my last keeper I could keep Titans Def costing me my last round? It's either that or keep Flacco for my last round pick?


Thanks for all your thoughts, it's helping me get a handle on my keeper decision.

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IMO, definitely keep Flacco for the last round pick. I think he has enough upside to warrant a last round investment and could become a part of your QB rotation this year.


There you go. KNowing this was an option from the beginning would have saved you a lot of time, Fourth. As to value, this is the right move. Don't burn that first on a QB.

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