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5th pick, non PPR league who do i take?


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I have the 5th pick in a non ppr league.


I figure the top 4 will be: Peterson, MJD, Turner, Forte...


Who should I go with at 5?


Jackson has one of the worst o-lines in the league but has a somewhat favorable schedule....hes been oft injured and now knowing Pace is gone that left side will be awfully weak.....


Gore also have a relativly easy schedule, they are going to run a smash mouth offense and gore should see plenty of touches...


Chris Johnson is just a beast, but with the vulture that Lendale I think I should stay way...


Should I go Receiver here? What are other people thinking to do here.

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What are your lineup requirements?


Most likely, barring something vey unusual in the lineup reqs, QB and WR are out.


Are the three you listed the only you are willing to consider? What about a guy like DeAngelo? CJ loses a lot of value with no PPR.

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I was considering DeAngelo, I just think he will lose a lot of touches to Stewart this year....


Interesting, since as Stewart got healthier as the season progressed, his touches DECREASED. So, you are thinking that not only will that trend completely flip, but that Fox will change his coaching style of the past? (note how DeAngelo never overtook Foster, etc.)



What about Slaton? Why consider CJ but not him?

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I have the 4th pick in a 12 team league with the same lineup/scoring as the original post, and I have been wondering the same thing that Big Country asked: why is Chris Johnson considered as a borderline top 5 guy while Slaton is consistently ranked down around 10-12? Their 2008 numbers are very similar, but I believe Slaton has the better potential to improve on those numbers based on opportunity alone. Slaton is the 3 down back, he does not lose carries at the goal line like Johnson will. The Texans other offensive skill position players are clearly better than the Titans group, which I believe creates more opportuinites for a back like Slaton to thrive inside the 20 (as opposed to the between the 20's work you get from Johnson). I don't see a huge concern with the Houston O-line. Schaub carries injury risk, but Slaton played without Schaub last year and was still effective. TEN and HOU are in the same division and therefore play similar skeds. Right now I am leaning toward Slaton at the #4, please talk me out of it.

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I'd grab LT and never look back.


Heck, with the QB situation in Minny turning into 10-In-A-Box I'm reaching the point where if he looks healthy he's my #1. Still.

I have too agree. I think LT has one great year left in him.

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