Need Owners for 8 year old huddle league

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We are in a rebuilding year for our league and are in need of several owners that are willing to be a part of a league with 8 years of history. You will need to be active and willing to post in a league forum here at the huddle on a regular basis. Below is a link to our board, please look over the rules and the report to training camp thread to see if this is a fit for you. We have a great time, but it is only because everyone is active and loves to play. The fee is $185 and our draft is Aug 30th at 6 pm EST. All money is paid back out, other than the cost for our CBS Site.


Post on our board if you are interested or PM me and I will get back to you right away.


Here is the link:




The league name is Coast to Coast FFL, the board is here on the huddle.





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We are still looking for a few more owners, here are more details:


Coast to Coast FFL is in it's 8th year, with a good group of dedicated core owners. For some reason, we have lost more than a few owners this year after have an off year, and are in need of 4 more owners to complete the league. I have been commissioner every year but the last, and will be stepping back up to be commissioner this year. Our draft date is Aug 30th, 6:00pm EST.


This league was formed with the most dedicated fantasy football (FF) owners in mind. A typical owner has many years of experience and made it to their playoffs at least a few times. There is an entry fee of $170 plus league management service, for a total of $183, with all money returned in the form of cash prizes. Each owner is expected to show dedication to his or her team and the league as a whole. Inactive owners will most likely not be invited back the following year. This is a very active, competitive, and fun league.


We use CBSportsline as our FF service and the huddle league message board as our main communications. We draft using an auction, with a $200 cap. There is a keeper rule that allows 2 players from the previous year to be kept with a price increase based on position. This year we are reseting all keeper because so many teams will have new owners. This way we all will start out even.


We do a weekly pickem' where all owners post on the message board their head to head picks for the league including comments. We keep track of the total for the season and 1st/2nd place win some money. This is usually a bast and you get to read what everyone thinks of your team.


Here is the link to our message board where all the rules are pinned at the top::




Some quick details:


Head-to-Head, 3 week Playoff

This is a 12 Team, 3 Division League

Each division has 4 teams.

Divisions are randomly re-align every year.


Each team’s roster is composed of 17 players in any combo as long as the team is always able to post a starting line-up. The 17 players is based on 2QBs, 4RBs, 6WRs/TE, 2K, 2D, +1 Floater, but this mix is not required. Starting lineups must have:


1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

3 Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

1 Tight End

1 Kicker

1 Defense/Special Team

Note: The WR position includes TE’s.


5. Scoring:


This is a touchdown and performance scoring league with bonuses.


Offensive Scoring:

All TD’s 6pts

Two-Point Conversions 2pts

Rushing/Receiving Yards 1pt/10 yards

Passing Yards 1pt/25 yards

Field Goal under 39 Yards 3pts

Field Goal under 40-49 Yards 4pts

Field Goal 50 Yards or More 6pts

Extra Point 1pt

Bonus Scoring:

TD’s 20-49yards 1pt

TD’s 50 Yards or More 2pts

100 Yards Rushing/Receiving 2pts

300 Yards Passing 2pts


Defensive/Special Teams Scoring:

TD’s 6pts

Sacks 1pt

Safety 2pts

Interception 2pts

Fumble Recovery 2pts

Blocked Kick 2pts

Points Scored Against

0 = 15pts

2-7 = 9 pts

8-14 = 6pts

15-21 = 3pts

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One last try, we are dropping to a 10 team league and resetting the keepers so everyone will be starting out equal. We still need 2 owners by Friday or the league will have to disband, which would be a bummer. PM if you have questions or are interested.





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