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Is 3G all that?


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Time to trade in the Blackberry Pearl for another Blackberry. (Another brand is not an option). I like the Pearl because of its small size, so I'm thinking about picking up a Pearl Flip. The Flip does not feature 3G.


Media features are not that important to me. But I could bump up to a Storm or a Tour if 3G is a must have. What say you?



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it is a HUGH difference. whenever my iphone goes back to Edge it's very painful. 3G makes everything noticeably faster and is definitely worth it IMO.




I don't know the technical specs, but Edge is barely usable. It's incrementally better than having the power off.

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it depends on a number of things.


Provider: AT&T's coverage area for 3G is much larger than TMobile.


Do you really need the increased speed and simultaneous voice/data service

like ATT's Video Share requires 3G coverage.


Using 3G sucks a battery dry.


I live outside the 3G coverage area for Seattle so I just keep it on edge. When I go to games I will switch over. Its nice to play with.


Depending on how long you keep the phone, 3G coverage will spread and they will probably improve the battery drainage issues.


keep in mind 4G is already in the works, so you will find 4G devices on the market probably within the next year.


Damn I ramble..... Bottom line. if you don't need simultaneous voice/data, and/or live outside a 3G coverage area you probably don't need 3G

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