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8th pick advice


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Could use some opinions here.


12 team and I got the 8 spot. I've narrowed it down to LT and Brees unless Sjax falls to me.


League settings are 4 completions/pt, 25yds passing/pt, 10 yds rushing/receiving, 1/2 PPR, 6 pts all TD's, and 5 pt bonus at 300,350,400 yards passing and 100,150,200 yds rushing/receiving.


I believe our league heavily favors qb's and I'm wondering if I should consider Brees or Brady if the draft unfolds like this:

1. AP

2 Turner

3. Mjd

4. Forte

5. Sjax

6. Fitz

7. LT


Last year, Brees outscored the 2nd rated QB by 70 pts. Thoughts?

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that is hugh scoring for a QB. completion points and bonus points for 300+ games? wow.


i haven't done the analysis, but you do need to look as last year's numbers to understand how this scoring affects the QBs. if they all go up, then it's not as important to grab one early. i would think with a warner or rodgers in the 4th or 5th round, you would still be very competitive. yes, brees may have been 70 points higher, but you have to think about what it will cost you in terms of RB/WR points by skipping them in the 1st. that's the exercise for you. look at some mock drafts and run some potential scenarios based on the scoring system.


and if i have the first QB off the board, i go brady this year. the myriad of RBs they have are a mess and he has a ton of receiving weapons to play with ...

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Like ton, with completion points not being a very common option, I have not done a lot of analysis on just how that affects QBs value in an overall sense. Obviously it puts their raw scores way up there. I'd want to see a breakdown of the Qb scoring from the last few years before committing too heavily one way, but there are certainly going to be vald arguments for going QB, but if LT is there, I'd have a hard time passing him up, assuming a fairly standard lineup requirement.

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My leagues does 5 comp/pt. It defintiely has an effect on the QBs that have alot more comps compared to the lower tiers. for QBs like Brees, Brady, Manning, Warner, and McNabb it has a definite bump up. The others not so much. Having said that if you take Brees in that spot you'll need to dig deep in teh next rounds to squeeze value to shore up your RB and WR positions. an analysis of your league scoring over teh years may show if jumping on Brees or some other top QB is worth it over the 6th or 7th best RB


see my keeper issue http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=291460

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