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Looking for help in trading draft slots

The Hitter

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16 team redraft league. RBs always at a premium.


I drew the 10th spot. Looking to move up to top 4...got a bite from #2, which would be great. Swapping spots #2 and #10 throughout the draft is not an option to him (duh!).


So I am looking at what would be considered fair to give up in order to move from the #10 spot to the #2 spot. I'm stuck in a mental block and can't seem to figure anything out clearly so any serious thughts would be greatly appreciated.



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i would think your only option is to sweeten the deal by swapping 1-2 picks in the later rounds. i would start as low as possible and work my way up. throw out that you will give him your 8th round pick for his 9th round pick in addition and then negotiate from there.

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