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Trade Kevin Smith?


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12 team, standard scoring league, roster is:


QB - C.Palmer, M.Hasselbeck

RB - C.Johnson, P.Thomas, K.Smith, R.Rice, L.Mccoy

WR - A.Johnson, H.Ward, L.Coles, T.Holt, D.Avery

TE - Gates


Been offered Kurt Warner straight up for Kevin Smith...think it's a pretty fair offer and I am not too jazzed about Palmer as my #1 but I think I probably need WR help much more...agree? or can I take the RB hit and should I make the trade?


*edit* Forgot to mention that it's not a flex league, we start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/K/DEF. I'd probably feel ok about Rice as my RB3 but not really sure if Warner is truly worth the upgrade...I guess i'm probably ok playing the QB matchups so maybe i'll counter for one of his WR's...



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Since you apparently can only start 2 RBs you can afford to trade Smith if you want - and if you are that high on Warner, it seems a fair enough deal, so no reason IMO not to pull the trigger, especially if you believe adding Warner will allow you a fair shot at winning this year.

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I personally would stand pat and enjoy some depth at the RB position. I don't think that you are hurting either at QB or WR that terribly. The combination of Palmer and Hasselbeck is a very good one and they get to play some lame teams. I think that if you were able to package rice and Ward or coles, and upgrade at WR, that is a better move for you team.

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