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take brady and moss with first 2 picks?


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If I could get Brady and Moss with my 1st 2 picks then I would forgo drawing for my 1st 2 picks in all my drafts. I would rather have Moss and Brady then have the 1-24 or 6-19 or 12-13, ect.


That said a few things have to concern people. Moss is now 32 years old and Brady of course coming off the injury.


Now in most leagues Moss is projected as a 2nd round pick and Brady as a 3rd to 4th rounder so you have to ask yourself do you want to "waste" a 1st and 2nd round pick on those guys.


If you did draw pick 1-4 you almost for sure can't get those 2 on your team. Your not going to draft Moss in the top 4 and he should not fall back to pick 21 for you.


My local leagues are TD heavy or TD only so that is why I would take them in rounds 1 and 2 because they won't be falling too low in my leagues.


In the Fantasy Index a very well known and popular fantasy magazine they rate Randy Moss #1 overall and Brady #4 overall in the TD only rankings.


So in my TD only league I have picks 4 and 21 and I am going to try and trade back to either pick 6 or 8 and move up in round 2 so I can try and go with the Moss, Brady combo. I think Brady might go higher then I can move up in round 2 though and I feel wierd about taking Moss at 4 overall so I will try to trade back as long as I think I can stil get him.


In the WCOFF leagues I think teams will pass on them both in round 1 or maybe take Moss at the end of round 1.

Brady most likely will go round 3 or 4 in the WCOFF.

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If they are who you have as the most valuable player available at the time of your pick, then go for it. If not, then don't do it.


agree. never get locked into a strategy that names names in certain rounds. you can have a general idea, but once the draft gets going, you have to be ready to change your game plan based on what comes to you.

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