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PPR Keeper- R Moss or F Gore?


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Depends on who else you have on your team and what is/will be available. This does belong in the advice forum though.


This plus what are lineup requirements, any cost associated with keeping players, what pick do you have in the upcoming draft and who do you think will be best available players on draft board?

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sorry about putting this in the wrong section.


Thanks for the input. I am drafting 6th and there is no cost for keeping a player. Reason i was thinking F Gore is the whole 'gotta have a rb' thinking that i have been accustomed to. And Gore might actually have a better year catching the ball in SF. I was leaning toward keeping Moss but he is getting up there in age and Gore is young so i could keep him again next year where MOss might croak by beginning of next year, who knows.

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