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MVP Challenge Memorial Returns for a 2nd year


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If anyone is interested in participating in a version of the best game the Huddle ever offered then the MVP Challenge Memorial is for you. please post here and/or post in the league forum linked below if interested. The cost is $20 to enter. As many people who want to enter can. If you don't know the rules they are posted in the forum as well. Basically, you can use any player in the NFL any week you want to. But you can only use them once.


Very easy league to participate in as there is no trading, waivers, divisions, etc.


MikesVikes and I are co-commissioners but once the season starts the league completely runs itself. We had 40 owners last year and it would be great to see that number increase.


Link to our forum

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Final call for more players. We have 33 signed up so far. That's $660 in the pot for a few lucky good team owners to share. Let's make a last second push to get to 40. I'll accept PayPal payments up until Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern.



Feelin' lucky good punk. :wacko:

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I would like to join! I do not have paypal can I send you a check or cash? If so email me mike_schultzberg@waters.com


I'm not a schmuck that will not pay! I will send it out tomorrow. I want to get in before the first game starts tonight


I assume you have to sign me up before I can set my lineup?

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