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i pick 11th in a 12 team non-keeper league standard scoring with PPR. it should be noted that we use a 3RS draft style, so i will have the 2nd pick of the 3rd round as well. i am almost positive at least a couple of those guys will be available for my first pick. if the second round comes along and one of them is still left, i will more than likely pull the trigger unless one of the top WRs are available. but how would you rank them assuming all 4 were available?


right now i have them ranked

1. Chris Johnson

2. Deangelo Williams

3. Steve Slaton

4. Frank Gore.

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Deangelo Williams should not be in this discussion as he's not used as a receiving threat out of the backfield.


What I'll say is that Slaton, Gore and Johnson have a decent shot at netting around 50 or so receptions. Of the three I like Gore's chances of putting up more points because he'll be used as the goalline back whereas Slaton and Johnson have to deal with Chris Brown (ran well in preseason) and Lendale (20 pounds lighter so we'll see if he can still pound it in).


Deangelo would be lucky to finish with more than 30.

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if not Williams, than who else? i would take Tomlinson if he fell, but i don't see that happening. i will say right now that i am avoiding Steven Jackson, Jacobs, Westbrook and Barber as they are all injuries waiting to happen. what RBs are left? Clinton Portis? after Portis, the next RB tier could be had a round or more later in Kevin Smith, Pierre Thomas, Ryan Grant, Ronnie Brown, Reggie Bush. i want to take at least one RB in the first two rounds, and i know at least a couple of the backs listed will be available in round 1.

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