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Packers LB's question


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It looks like the Packers have a good solid core of LB's. Looks like a position of depth. My question is how do coaches really determine who gets on the field?


Is it 100% talent? What does it take for a guy like Chillar or Bishop to unseat guys like Barnett or Hawk. It seems like Chillar is making the biggest impression in camp - is that because he is just ahead in the learning curve and other guys will catch up (eventually surpass)? It just seems like guys like Chillar and Bishop are always making plays - Barnett and Hawk don't seem to stand out as much.


Does it come down to high high you draft someone - how much you pay them - how hot is the wife (Hawk - kind of a long face but I would hit it) - Coach/GM ego??


So who ends up getting the playing time this year???


Kampmann, Hawk, Barnett, Thompson, Mathews, Chillar, Bishop, Poppinga - not a bad group!!

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