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I have three options for keepers and would just like to hear opinions on who to keep.

I only have 3 real choices there is kevin smith form detroit ray rice from baltimore and pierre thomas from new orleans

I lose 4th round pick 11 for k smith 6th round pick 11 for r rice and 10th round 11th pick for pierre thomas. In my mind im between smith and thomas both rated similarly by the huddle but im losing a valuable 4th rounder for smith while i lose a depth filler 10th rounder for thomas. standard ppr scoring which i think smith will gain more points being the feature back but question marks on how well he'll make out over a full year on such a horrible team. what are your thoughts on all these three mainly smith and thomas. thanks in advance for ur respomse

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I don't think you'll see Thomas still on the draft board in rd 10 in any redraft leagues this year (well, nor will you likely see Smith there in the 4th either) so keeping PT for a 10th round pick seems like a slam dunk choice to me, PPR or not.

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