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2nd pick in 10 team league


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Standard scoring league. Non-ppr


Options could be









I am leaning MJD seeing as how I think he has the least risk associated to him NOT performing at least as good as last year. Obviously if AP fell, I would take him.




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I go with Turner, offecnse will get better, SOS is tougher, but I never use that as a factor because it can change so unpredictably.


He is MONEY at home. Gonzo will open the offense up, QB has a year under the belt. I think he will come close to laadt year's numbers, not quite there but very close.


Plus he will be milking a lot of leads.


MJD, will not produce as he is the ONLY weapon Jax has, you saw what happened to Barber/Gore last year right?


LT is a risky pick but could be guge this year considering his division. S Jackson as well, same reason.

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In Non-PPR I probably would go Turner over MJD. I am a tad worried about the amount of punishment he took last year, but I feel he will be a more consistent performer in a Non-PPR. For those that said MJD is the only weapon on Jax, hasn't he been the only offensive weapon for the last 3 years? You can point to Taylor, but teams have been focussing on shutting down the Jax running game for the past 3 years and MJD still keeps producing. He had double digit TD's again last year on a down year for that team. I see Jax being more competitive this year and have MJD #1 on my board for PPR leagues.

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