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Preseason Rankings


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I wanted to figure out how accurate pre-season rankings were by position. So I went back through the last 4 years and looked at each player that finished in the top 12 in fantasy points in their position (QB, RB, WR) and where they ranked in the preseason. I used my league scoring, which is standard scoring league, no PPR.


What I found was the QB was the most accurate preseason position, RB was the least accurate, and WR changes from year to year!


Here are the average preseason rankings for the players that finished in the top 12 in points for each position. The rankings are an average ranking from 5-6 fantasy football websites.


QB: 2008 – 11.6; 2007 – 10.4; 2006 – 11.6; 2005 – 11.1

RB: 2008 – 16.7; 2007 – 16.5; 2006 – 20.5; 2005 – 16.1

WR: 2008 – 14.5; 2007 – 17.4; 2006 – 9.8: 2005 – 18.6


The most accurate seasons were the 2006 season for WR’s and the least accurate was 2006 for RB’s. In that season, 5 RB’s ranked 20 or higher in the preseason finished in the top 12: Frank Gore (23), Travis Henry (69), Deuce McAllister (30), Marian Barber (38), Jamal Lewis (20).


Some interesting notes

• On average, 5 RB’s ranked 20 or higher in preseason finish in the top 12.

• On average, 2 QB’s ranked 20 or higher in preseason finish in the top 12.

• On average, 4 WR’s ranked 20 or higher in preseason finish in the top 12.

• QB had the two best seasons (2007/2005) in which 7 QB’s ranked in the preseason top 10 finished in the top 12 final rankings.



What I took from this is that there are always more RB’s ranked in the 20+ range that will end up being a top 12 performer. The key is finding the right guy.


So who are these players this year? Averages say there will be 2 QB’s; 4 WR’s and 5 RB’s currently ranked 20 or higher that will finish in the top 12.

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