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Sproils, Leon Washington


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Hi all,


I am in a 12 team keeper league performance scoring. My keeper is Frank Gore and I am picking from the six position. I probably will be picking a top WR since the tier 1 & 2 RB's will be gone. I wont pick my QB until at least the 4th round. With our performance scoring Leon Washington & Darren Sproils were in the top 4 in our scoring system. So my thinking is why wouldn't I pick Sproils up in round 2 instead of any tier 3 RB's? I know 2 other owners that are thinking the same thing and if I don't take him with my second pick then I will have to go with a tier 3 RB because the next 2 picks have the same idea. I forgot to mention we get 1 point for return yards and 6pts for TD. Just wondering your opinion.


Thanks, Dauby

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