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Auction Keeper League Dilemma


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I am in a 12 Team PPR, Auction Keeper League $200 cap. 16 Man Roster, Start 1QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) Def, 1 K. Scoring is 4 \pts for passing TD, 6 forall others 1 pt for 20 yards rushing/receivng, 1 pt for 50 yds passing, bonus for 100 yds Rush/Rec., bouns for 300 yds passing plus decent bonuses for long TD's, PPR also. We can keep 3 players at their original auction price, we can keep our keepers for a total of 3 years. I am not sure who to keep of the following.


S. Slaton $4 will have for 2 more years

R. Moss $23 will be last year with him

A. Rodgers $6, two more years with him

P. Thomas $1 two more years with him

D. Bowe $12, two more years with him


I am def. Keeping Slaton, I am leaning towards P. Thomas as well but am

having trouble making my final decision. Any thoughts or help would be

greatly appreciated.



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What do top WRs tend to go for?

How about starting RBs?

Typical starting QBs?


Hard to answer without knowing how your league tends to value players, and who you expect to be available in the auction, particularly at WR.


I would say off the top of my head Slaton and Thomas are for sure keepers, more than likely Rodgers would be tossed back unless $6 is ridiculous value for a 2nd/3rd tier QB, and it would come down to a value check between moss and Bowe, though I think I would lean Moss unless you say the typical top 5 WR goes for closer to $15, in which case I'd keep Rodgers and toss back both WRs as poor value.

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