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Brandon Marshall contract issues

Bronco Billy

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Normally I wouldn't give Schefter a ton of credibility, but he was formerly a Bronco beat writer in Denver and does have numerous sources available here:


Brandon Marshall and his agent, Kennard McGuire met today with Broncos HC Josh McDaniels. Marshall repeated he wants a trade or new deal.about 10 hours ago


from UberTwitter





This is starting to smell like a situation that could go to a hold out. Roddy White's ATL contract probably has Marshall and his agent pissed off (although White doesn't carry the behavior/suspension risk Marshall does - something Marshall and his agent can't quite seem to figure out for some reason and which definitely affects the situation).

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Marshall's agent is looking to get paid so he doesn't care as long as he has the green light from his client.


He'd better care. He may not be getting paid for Marshall's current contract, but if it turns out that he's a militant agent Marshall will get getting smaller and fewer contract offers when he does go to FA - since GMs don't want to be held up repeatedly when they sign a player to a substantial contract - and especially with a problem child like Marshall. That goes directly to Marshall's earning power, which in turn affects the agent's cut.

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And now this, from Jason La Canfora's blog on NFL.com:


Broncos apologize to WR Brandon Marshall


Posted: August 17th, 2009


The Denver Broncos apologized to disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall this week for an incident involving their public relations staff, according to league and team sources, another unusual event in what has been a trying offseason between the sides.


Broncos chief operating officer Joe Ellis apologized to Marshall on behalf of the organization after a junior member of the team’s public relations staff was instructing players Friday on what to say after the team’s preseason game that night, according to sources. The public relations staffer specifically was urging them not to express too much joy or emotion if questioned by the media about Marshall’s acquittal on battery charges earlier that day in a Georgia courtroom, the sources said.


Marshall, who has been seeking a trade, already had trust issues with the Broncos, clashing over his contract (he would like an extension beyond the year remaining on his rookie deal) and the team’s treatment of his hip injury, and this incident only deepened that chasm, according to sources.


Marshall, 25, was accompanied by lawyer Harvey Steinberg at the face-to-face meeting with Ellis, and believes the “coaching” being done by the public relations staffer was in fact a directive from upper management, according to league sources. Broncos sources rebuffed that notion and attributed the incident to the public relations staffer being “overzealous” and acting on his own.


Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Brian Xanders had no knowledge of the actions of the public relations employee until learning about it after the fact, according to the team. Both Bowlen and McDaniels expressed their happiness for Marshall in public remarks made Friday night. Marshall and his agent, Kennard McGuire, declined to comment.


Marshall has performed at a Pro-Bowl level, but has endured several off-field legal issues. The Broncos have been unwilling to re-do his contract to this point, and, barring an extension to the collective bargaining agreement, could retain his rights with a qualifying offer as a restricted free agent in 2010, a scenario in which Marshall would lose a chance at unrestricted free agency. The team has not shopped Marshall to this point.


Marshall missed much of the offseason due to his recovery from hip surgery, and skipped Denver’s minicamp. He missed two weeks of training-camp practice as well, but returned to the field Sunday. The Broncos have had a difficult first few months under their new regime after Mike Shanahan was fired, suffering through a public spat with starting quarterback Jay Cutler, who was eventually traded to Chicago.


Marshall is in his fourth year out of Central Florida, and was a fourth-round pick in 2006. He caught a career-high 104 passes last season.


He went into the meeting with his lawyer. Amazing. This guy thinks he's a cat and that he has 9 lives...

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