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Board Slowdown Issues


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Thanks for all the notices guys (and gals). Trust me, we are well aware of the load issues the board has been experiencing over the past few days. We're sorry for the inconvenience and are doing everything we can to remedy the issue permanently. Fixes we've implemented over the past week have helped but the issue keeps cropping up. We're on it.


Also, since our home page is now tied to the forums, the issues here have caused load issues with the home page. That forum connection has been severed for now and there should be no more issues there.

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I am also still having intermittent load issues. I can;t point to specifics exactly because things seem random (sometimes quickedit won't open, sometimes I click on a link and it won;t load, but then I stop and click again and it does).


It's almost like the webserver is losing some of the service requests.

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Much better today. :wacko:



Or not. Had problems getting on the home page but now it seems to be working fine. Took a little longer for the forums but it now they seem fine too. I'm sure WW will eventually solve this problem as sales depend on it. I rememeber when I signed up it was end of August in 2004.

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