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What do you think of Bus Cook?

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  1. 1. What do you think of Bus Cook?

    • He's only been doing what a good Agent must do by obfuscating the truth.
    • He's a liar with no integrity. Regarldess of his profession he can't be good.
    • He really didn't know what was going on at all, which means he's most likely incompetent.

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Just wondering what you all think of Favre's Agent, Bus Cook throughout all of this off-season drama. Is it all just part of the game to continually deceive people in professional sports?


Here are the options as I see them... either he is a liar, and that actually makes him a good Agent... or he is a liar and that makes him a bad person and a bad Agent, or he is a bumbling dip who really didn't know the answers to the most basic of questions about his client.


Now I realize that Cook isn't the only one who was possilby playing games with the truth (Favre and Childress to name a few played the same games as well) but I'm interested in the general perception of Cook in particular here. What do you think?

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Either a bald-faced liar or completely incompetent.


I went with incompetent, because he LOOKED incompetent. Any good agent will avoid looking incompetent.

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