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Thomlinson, Brady or Fitzgerald?


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I have to keep 2 out of the players listed. Standard scoring format with 6pts per touchdown for any position and NO PPR. I draft 4th overall in what is essentially the 3rd round. Do not lose any draft picks for keeping players and can keep them forever.


Choose 2 from:





I am leaning towards LT and Fitz. What do you guys think?

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10 team league and the best I can figure the following players will be kept and not available. Is a running back heavy league.


Other Keepers:


B Jacobs

Westbrook (maybe Moss)




P Thomas

A Johnson


Calvin Johnson


Felix Jones




C. Johnson

S. Jackson

D. Williams

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Depends on who you expect to be available at your pick, and your starting lineup requirements.


For example, if you only start 2 WRs, and you expect quite a few to be there with your 4th pick, then toss Fitz back as he is the most easily replaced.


If you think Brady will be head and shoulders above the rest of the QBs, then keep him. If you think he will produce closer to his career averages, which is closer to 25 TDs a season, then it is easier to toss him back and find a QB in the draft a few rounds later that has a decent shot at producing close to that.


If you think LT is done for, then toss him back and get best available in the draft.

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we start 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, D


Leaning towards Fitz and LT. Then going best available RB or WR with my 1st pick. Waiting a couple rounds and try to get a Warner or Rogers. I think LT has a bounce back year and It is hard to throw back the best receiver in the league.

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