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PPR draft coming soon...


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Hi everyone, our draft is coming up soon. 10 owners. 6pts/tds, 1pt/20yds passing, 1pt/10yds rush/rec, 1pt per reception.


Here's a list of how our rb's finished last year. Does anyone see any major changes, downgrades, upgrades?


Also, with it being a PPR league, who would be the safest #1 pick.


1. DeAngelo Williams, CAR

2. Matt Forte, CHI

3. Michael Turner, ATL

4. Adrian Peterson, MIN

5. Steve Slaton, HOU

6. Ladainian Tomlinson, SD

7. Thomas Jones, NYJ

8. Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC

9. Brian Westbrook, PHI

10. Clinton Portis, WAS

11. Chris Johnson, TEN

12. Frank Gore, SF

13. Marshawn Lynch, BUF

14. Marion Barber, DAL

15. Steven Jackson, STL

16. Brandon Jacobs, NYG

17. Kevin Smith, DET

18. Ronnie Brown, MIA

19. Derrick Ward, TB

20. Kevin Faulk, NE


Not in the top 20 last year: Ryan Grant, Pierre Thomas, LenDale White, Larry Johnson, and others.



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No.1 overall pick? You can't seriously be considering all these players.


Peterson, Jones-Drew, Forte, Williams, Turner, and Tomlinson are the only ones I'd consider.


It's a tough call this year. They're probably all good choices. I'd go with who you want to root for. I'd probably pick AP.

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With Favre in MN, you can't go wrong with Peterson. He's the league's best RB, has been working to improve his catching ability out of the backfield this preseason, and now with the addition of Favre - teams won't be able to stack the box with 7 or 8 defenders in turn leaving gaping gashes all over the place for Purple Jesus to hammer through. Dude is as solid of a #1 pick as you can ask for.


The only other one to slightly consider there in a PPR league is MJD. All the others are not worthy of the #1 pick..

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