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First Ever Draft, Critique For Advice


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Hi all,


Just started fantasy football and did a draft with some guys that have been doing it for a few years now.

We used standard espn rules. I was just wondering if you guys can critique my draft and see how I faired so far draft wise.


10 Man League

I had 1st Pick


QB- Jay Cutler

HB- Adrian Peterson

HB- Brandon Jacobs

Flex- Ryan Grant

WR- Roddy White

WR- Dwayne Bowe

TE- Dustin Keller

K- Kris Brown

D/ST- Ravens


Be Santonio Holmes

Be Lendell White

Be Beanie Wells

Be Derick Mason

Be Eli Manning

Be Kevin Walter

Be LeSean Mccoy


I am also entertaining a deal for Matt Shaub because I am iffy about Jay.

What do you guys think?

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Nice starters at WR & RB...

Good bench RBs with upside. Might have been nice to have a starter like JJones or CBenson for bye week coverage.

Decent bench WRs with a mix of upside and steady production.

You should be able to get decent production playing matchups at QB. Not a big fan of either though.

Overall nice job.



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Schaub is tempting, but I might stay pat for now...


Of your three, I'd probably part with McCoy first, then Beanie or LenDale.


For McCoy to be a solid start, Westy probably has to be injured.


I'm starting to get worried about the injuries w/ Beanie, but he has the most potential in that prolific offense.


If LenDale is similar to last year, he'd have several serviceable starts throughout the year. If CJ were injured, he'd be great.

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