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Help on my RB situation please


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just had my draft. It is a standard scoring league with 10 teams, i had the second pick overall. My draft went really rb heavy in the first 3 rounds. my team is




QB- (3) Tom Brady

RB- (1) MJD

RB- (5) Larry Johnson

WR- (2) Calvin Johnson

WR- (4) Marques Colston

Flex- (6) Ray Rice

TE- (7) Dallas Clark

K- M Crosby

D- Jets



Tim Hightower

Donnie Avery

Jericho Cotchery

Jamal Charles

Leon Washington

Steve Smith (NYG)

Trent Edwards

Bernard Scott


I really like my first 4 picks esp getting coleston at the end of round 4 but after that its shaky, im high on Ray Rice this year but its still risky. I dont like LJ or Tim hightower that much, my leagues not afraid to make tades and one guy even took 9 RBs and is tryn to trade alot... I guess this is kinda a rate my team, but I'd mainly like some advice on what to do with my RB situation, am i looking ok for now and wait a couple weeks into the season? or should i try and make some trades and pick up another good RB, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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I don't have much of a problem with your starters, but your bench isn't great, especially at RB. You need some things to go your way. LJ could be OK. Rice has upside. Not much to trade with right now, I'd wait and see what develops. Let the 9 RB guy stew with them and hope he gets desperate to deal later. His team can't be great if he is that unbalanced AND other teams may be light at RB as well, so you will probably be fine.

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