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What's up guys, I play in a PPR league that starts QB,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,FLEX,FLEX.


Currently I have




Roy Williams


Barber(Marion lol)


Eddie Royal

Ray Rice/Jonathon Stewart


Bench: Ted Ginn, Steve Breaston, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kevin Boss, Favre, Donald Brown


I just got offered Ryan Grant for Jonathon Stewart and Steve Breasotn and accepted it I think with a no-brainer. Given Stewart's injuries and committee with deangelo, plus his brutal schedule in the playoffs and overall (31st ranked for a RB) I went with it. I have good wideout depth and now 3 #1 backs. I realize grant isn't the best ppr back, but neither is stewart. I was looking to pick up a WR on the waiver wire obviously


My top targets in order are: Josh Morgan, Steve Smith(NYG), Nate Washington, Greg Camarillo, and then another crop of Meachem, Davone Bess, Kevin Curtis and Nate Burleson.


Thanks for the input to whoever answers! Greatly appreciated

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Yeah, that sounds like a good trade for you, Grant is a clear starter without a RBBC. Breaston has some upside but I think you can afford the hit even though I don't really see a lot of WR depth on your bench. I'd pick up Steve Smith. Also, I'd drop the backup TE and pick up a high upside WR. You could even consider giving up the backup QB, in a 10-team league backups can be had off the waiver wire.



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Yeah that's true. I will have only ted ginn and then the waiver wire pickup as my backup wideouts. But I like my RB depth to use as trade bait/flex position. I'm thinking of picking up Steve Smith, then dropping either Boss or Favre(who I know will be picked up) and picking up someone like Josh Morgan.

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