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Need help Choosing my draft position


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In one of my leagues, if you win (a seperate pool we play on the side) you get to pick your draft position for the next year. Well, no one has ever won.....until last year...I did. Now this year I get to pick my draft position. I play in a 12 team league. Should I take the obvious 1st spot or move a little further down so my second pick comes a little quicker? Is A.P really worth staying in the 1st spot or should I move down to like 4th or 5th?

Thanks for your help!

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If you're comfortable enough with waiting a long time between picks, take AP.

AP wasnt even the #1 player lastyear. I would go closer to the the middle, it is easier to plan that way while you are drafting. Anywhere from 6-10, unless there is just really one guy you want then I would pick as late as possible to where I thought I could get him.


Look back and see how consistent the top 10 players each year are...bottom line is it is made up of different people every year. Dont count on one player.

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