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Should I trade?


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I hope that I don't bother you guys too much this season, but I have yet another question that I could use some help with.


I am in a 12 team, redraft, ppr. Start: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 1 WR/RB Flex, Def, K. Starters in bold.


My team:


QB: Cutler, Edwards

RB: S. Jackson, P. Thomas, L. White, S. Greene, L. Washington

WR: Calvin Johnson, Bowe, Walter, Hester, Henry

TE: D. Clark, Boss


The McFadden owner would like Bowe. I have been thinking about possibly trading Bowe, Hester, and Washington for McFadden and Boldin. I think this would help my starting lineup, but it would hurt my depth.


My question is: Would it be best at this stage of the preseason to keep what I have right now with my depth in case of injuries and what-not, or try to get Boldin and McFadden? That trade would put me thin at RB on week 9. I am not sold on Bowe, but I am also not sure that Boldin would be much of an upgrade. I think McFadden would be a better fit in the flex than Walter or White. All of your feedback is appreciated.

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It seems like a pretty good deal for you.


You probably get the best two players (or at least two of the best three) in the deal. You get essentially a 2nd (Boldin) and 3rd (McFadden), for a 3rd (Bowe) a 5-6th (Hester) and Leon.


Can your depth take the hit?


You would have an open roster spot. What's available on the waiver wire???

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Actually, I need to pick up a kicker. I decided not to draft one so that I could have depth at other positions in case of trades, injuries, etc. Figured after I made a trade or discovered an injury closer to start of the season, I could pick up a kicker.


Thanks for the response. I am leaning toward doing it. I just want to make sure I am not jumping the gun and taking the trade just because I like the players I am getting. Wanted to make sure others felt the same way. Sometimes I get more caught up in what I am getting than what I am giving up.

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