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5th pick - confusing

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We play standard scoring - positions = QB, RB, WR, RB/WR, RB/WR, TE, D, K


Anyone have a good strategy to draft in the 5 spot of a 14 team league. Yes I know terrible.


I'm thinking of going RB with my first 3 picks. With that lineup I think I can get most scoring playing 3 starting RB vs. a really great WR and mid grade RB. Please tell me if I"m wrong.


With the first pick who is it going to be? LT - is he really going to bounce back this year? DW - Not sure why he scares the heck out of me. C. Johnson/Slaton?


Anyone have any strategy advice for me?

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Assuming you are in a non-ppr league, 5th is not a bad pick.....

Let's assume that the 1-4 go, ADP, Turner, Forte, and MJD......Right? In some order....

You are stuck choosing between LT, DeAngelo Williams, who I would take, Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson.....? What's not to like....

If you are in a ppr league, any of the top there would be fine and add in AJohnson and Fitz.....

In a 14 man league, you would be in great shape and probably be able to get someone like Westy, Barber, Ronnie Brown, Brees, Brady on the way back.....

And don't forget Slaton, Gore and Portis or Jacobs.....You will be fine at 5....

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Slugs covered just about everything.


A little clarification on "Standard scoring" as it seems everyone describes their system that way despite some potential key differences. I'll assume 1 pt per 10 yard rush/rec and 1 per 25 passing. 6 pt TDs 4 per pass TD.


Key question.. is it PPR?

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