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And then there were 2 left - OT Andre Smith and WR Michael Crabtree.

about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

I've heard that the Bungles are lowballing Smith for well under the ballpark figure... I read they're about 10 million off. From what I gather, Smith wants a slight increase over what DHB made, and the bungles want him for substantially less...

And Trabtree is a Megan Foxer. That is all. Have a good day.

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I will never understand how holding out and missing ALL of training camp your rookie year can possibly benefit you in the long run. I tried to research a history of players who have held out their rookie seasons and how their careers have fared, but I really couldn't find anything.


Here's a thought: if the NFLPA won't agree to a rookie salary cap, then how about a mandatory signing date prior to training camp. That would at least push the agents into getting their clients signed in a reasonable time period.

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Now we all know why Crabtree fell so far in the draft...was it the Bungles that called him a Prima Donna??? Then he and his agent tried make it all look like he was just a mis-understood man? Nah...we understand bro.

The Bungles really don't have any room to talk about anyone when it comes to signing rookies. They're offering way under what the position got last year, and way less than the pick behind Andre Smith (DHB) got. He's a potential franchise left tackle for crying out loud. This is the guy that protects your highest paid investment, Palmer.

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