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Draft Advice - #2 & #7 pick


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My draft is this weekend and I two different strategies I want to get feedback on. I'm in a 12 team keeper league and I have picks #2 and #7 overall (first 2 rounds non-snaking and I didn't keep any early round players). I have picks in rounds 1,2,3 but my next pick isn't until round 7 because of my keepers. We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and flex WR/RB and it's PPR.


My keepers are R. Brown, VJax, A. Rodgers, R. White.


The best remaining RBs on the board are Westbrook, LT2, P. Thomas, Jacobs, Portis, Lynch, McFadden, with a bunch of lower tiers like R. Grant, Addai, R. Rice and all the new rookies. Best WRs on the board are Andre Johnson, C. Johnson, Wayne, Colston, Bowe, Boldin, Welker...


I know the #1 pick is going to be Andre Johnson and that that Brees and Manning will most likely be selected before my 2nd round (#7 overall) pick because of the players the teams kept who are already RB heavy.


My initial strategy was to draft RB-RB-WR and I think Westbrook is the best RB on the board but he has question marks with age and durability. With my second pick I would most likely end up with a Jacobs or Portis giving me a solid RB core.


I also thought about drafting WR-RB-RB grabbing Calvin Johnson with my #2 pick knowing that at worst with my second pick the worst RB I get is a P. Thomas, Jacobs or Portis and with my third pick (#31 overall) I select the best RB remaining. This is enticing because it would give me R. White and C. Johnson at WR and two Tier 2 RBs with R. Brown my selection plus that third RB.


Do I play it safe and draft Westbrook with my first pick and stack my RBs heavy going RB-RB-WR (since I have R. White already) or do I go WR-RB-RB and grab Calvin Johnson with my first pick and stack my WRs and deal with a bit lesser, but good group of RBs?

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i go the WR route. westbrook does have a lot of question marks and is on the downslope. in a PPR league, you get a top tier WR and can then fill in the other RB spots with decent choices.


in a keeper league, calvin looks like the guy to take. in a redraft, i would be thinking more about wayne to give stafford a year under his belt and to see how he looks.

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