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Customizable Cheat Sheets


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I'm in a league with a funky scoring system. Can anyone recommend a very very customizable cheat sheet generator? An example of the scoring (for QB's):

Passing TD points vary per yards thrown:

1-24 yds: 5 PTS

25-44 yds: 10 PTS



on top of TD's QBs are awarded pts based on yardage:

225-250: 2PTS

251-275: 3PTS



Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes, but the type of scoring he has above is not supported by the customized sheets here, as those rules would require a prediction for every single TD scored for length and for every game played for yardage.


Not sure you are going to find many places that will have predictions for TDs by length, which is what you would require, or for yardage by game.

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So you can use the myHuddle option but plug in your yardage stats as 1pt per 125 yards and just plug in your TD's as 5pts per TD's..and just deal with the outcome of the cheatsheet...


with an imaginative scoring system like the one you have you have to be imagintive with a customized cheatsheet...

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