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I belong to a league on the ESPN website and we usually do an offline draft and the commissioner puts the picks in later. This year one guy can't make it and we were thinking about setting it up as an online draft so he can put in his picks when it is his turn. I was wondering if it was possible for the the rest of us to be in a room drafting and have the commissioner put in the picks as we go for each team and then the one guy drafting online from another location put in his picks when its his turn.


Basically can the commissioner draft for others during the online draft and will he have enough time (meaning the site doesnt assign a player when the clock runs out.)

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Yeah, you can do that. One of my leagues uses ESPN and we have had a couple of occasions in which about 7-8 guys actually attended the draft in person with the remaining 2-3 logging in remotely. We also usually have 4 or 5 guys with their own laptops making their own picks, even from the very living room in which we are drafting. I always just announce my picks and let the commish do his thing.


Not absolutely sure about the timer but I believe you can do a live draft with a pick timer or an "offline" draft where you enter the results at your leisure.

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