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The Huddle Needs A Replacement for IBL


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What is the IBL (Interboard League)?


TheHuddle, Footballguys, FFToday, The Sports Outlaw, The Whiz, Fantasy Guru, FF Extreme and FF Live Wire


Each website picks 12 members from their boards to represent the website in a competition against each other. That’s right fellas and ladies, 96 teams in 1 league, the ultimate in competition and football acumen. So how does it work you might ask?


There are 8 separate drafts. Each of these 8 drafts have a minimum of 1 participants from each of the 8 boards with the max from anyone 1 board being 2 participants from any 1 board. These 8 drafts are spread out over a 3 week period and the draft is through MFL and a slow draft (timer between 8 to 12 hours).


What makes this league unique is the fact that you can trade in and out of your original draft and can trade in and out of any of the 8 drafts. The only rule being that you can not own 2 of the same player (you can’t own 2 Adrian Peterson’s of the Vikings). There is a possibility that you could be drafting in all 8 drafts based on your trades. It is also possible that the Huddle Team could own all 8 Adrian Peterson’s as with 8 drafts means there are 8 Peterson’s to be drafted.


Each Huddler owner drafts whom ever they want and you will be playing 7 teams each week (1 each from the other boards) once the season begins. However, as much as FF is an individual sport, this league is not just an individual accomplishment you are part of the Huddle Team.


In the 9 years of existence The Huddle team has won the Team championship more than any other board in this league (we have won 3 times).


Who am I replacing?


After some things that took place in the league one of our members became upset and left the league. Because of that, we have an open spot representing the huddle. This is the ultimate test for a Fantasy Football player.


You will also get to team with some of the huddle's best players.


Unfortunately, because he left mid draft he already has a started roster to work with....but i don't think anyone will be complaining about it.


Current Roster You will Begin with


Carson Palmer (7.6g)



Adrian Peterson (1.1g)

Clinton Portis (3.1g)

Chris Wells (8.6e)



Terrell Owens (2.12g)

Santonio Holmes (4.7h)

Torry Holt (7.1g)

Michael Crabtree (13.2d)



Antonio Gates (4.12g)


You still have 8 more picks to choose from.



Here is our current members list of the huddle team.

1. StormChasers

2. MemphisElite

3. Infinity

4. Crippler

5. BudLightBrad

6. WolverinesFan


8. MapleLeafs

9. RC94

10. MikesVikes

11. UsualSuspects

12. Could be you!



Anyone interested in Joining the Huddle team please post here!

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