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2 Dolphins have the swine flu?


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Although there is currently not a major fear of a potential epidemic, the Dolphins have advised their players that some of their teammates (as few as two) will not attend tonight's preseason game against the Panthers after testing positive for the swine flu, three sources said.


The team advised its players this morning but did not name specifically who had come down with the illness. Team spokesman Harvey Greene did not have any comment.


The disease is considered manageable and symptoms in healthy adults tend to be mild, but its high level of contagiousness will cause a serious task for the team's staff of trainers to make sure it doesn't spread to other players as the regular season approaches.


Players have been told to maintain good hygiene, while washing their hands regularly, to avoid coming down with the disease, which can produce mild to strong infections similar to those of the seasonal flu.


Health officials have been preparing for the onset of cases throughout the country as the fall and winter seasons approach, but reported cases of Swine Flu in most states has currently been low with the exception of Maine and Alaska.


During a news conference held by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, Dr. Jay Butler told reporters that 7,963 hospitalizations and 522 deaths have been caused by the H1N1 flu - known as Swine Flu … in the United States.


A vaccine for the disease is currently being tested, and it could provide officials with a viable way to manage the disease. It is not yet known if or when the Dolphins would consider an attempt to vaccinate the entire team.

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