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My first fantasy draft


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My first fantasy so I am wondering how I did. The league is on NFL.Com.

12 teams

Its the standard scoring system on NFL.com

No Keepers

Requirements are 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D


QB: Rodgers, Aaron

Sanchez, Mark


RB: Peterson, Adrian

Brown, Ronnie

Brown, Donald


WR:Bryant, Antonio

Gonzalez, Anthony

Moss, Randy

Harvin, Percy

Walter, Kevin


TE: Clark, Dallas


K: Crosby, Mason


D: Panthers, Chargers

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I don't know what the "standard scoring system on NFL.com" is, so will assume no PPR & typical performance scoring ... in any event, I think a .500 season will be about the best you can expect.


Rodgers is among the top 4 QBs in FF, but he's not likely to carry your team by himself. Don't need to talk about AP ... Moss will anchor your WRs assuming he & Brady stay healthy. After that, things get dicey ... RB depth does not exist & in fact there could very well be many weeks where neither Brown gets more than 10 carries ... AGonzo may step up, may not ... Bryant could be hurt by the TBB QB (or lack of QB) situation for much of the year. Bottom line, you have some "could be nice picks but no guarantee & likely no consistency" players that you have no choice but to start week in/week out ... if they pan out, you could be in nice shape after all - but after you big 3 of AP, Moss, Rodgers I think you have too many question mark players at too many positions.

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