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Thoughts on my squad


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depends on where you drafted them. I think your team is not very good. Sorry. Schaub can be good. Orton is a waste imo. you'd be better off with kerry friggin collins. lol.


rb's thomas? eh.

LT-HUGE question mark. I'd rather have Deangelo, Portis, even Brandon Jacobs.

wr-CJ-great. Housh should be good. Percy who knows?

TE-studville but what does that give you?


I'd give you a 5/10.

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I took Pierre Thomas in the 3rd round and LT in the first round. I think LT will bounce back this year. He was injured last year and still had 9 TDs and close to 1,100 yards. They have a good O-line and I think he'll get back to larger numbers. 20+ carries.


As for THomas, he was the man the last 6 weeks of the year. Led the NFL I believe. Bush is soft and injury prone. THomas is an everyday back will get close to 20 carries. Scored tonight on a pass.

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I give it a 7, I also drafted Schaub, I like him if he can be healthy....depends on your league scoring settings, 4 or 6 pt td? 25 I like PIerre thomas this year because Bush is soft..Megatron A+, Housh should have a good year, Gates enough said....for a twelve team league i liek your team

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for a 12 team league I think you did very well. I would be very happy with that team. PS I think there are only a handful of players that don't have ? sounding them.


I think you will contend and have a good chance of winning.

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