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Need to keep 4 players from last year.


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I am in a keeper league in which we are keeping 4 players from last year.


I really have two questions:

1. Do I keep Joseph Addai?

2. Am I keeping the right 4 players?


I really appreciate the help.



This is my team with my keepers listed first:


Who I plan to keep:

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB

Ryan, Matt ATL QB ®

Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR

Marshall, Brandon DEN WR


Who I am not sure if I should keep or not:

Addai, Joseph IND RB

Bush, Reggie NOS RB (I)


The rest of my team:

Edwards, Trent BUF QB (P)

Fargas, Justin OAK RB (Q) Hightower, Tim ARI RB ®

Sproles, Darren SDC RB

Clayton, Mark BAL WR (Q)

Curtis, Kevin PHI WR

Ginn Jr., Ted MIA WR

Jackson, DeSean PHI WR ®

Clark, Dallas IND TE

Scaife, Bo TEN TE

Carney, John NYG PK

Rackers, Neil ARI PK

Colts, Indianapolis IND Def

Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def

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I totally agree with the keeping Dallas Clark, trading Ryan, Addia & Bush. I would be a little hesitant on Marshall tho, he's having some "issues" but then the question is who do you keep in place of him. He's got all the talent in the world he's just in a bad situation (I think McDaniels is an idiot). Jackson might have a good year, but I don't know if he's be "keeper" good.

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