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12 team keeper league, we keep 4 players (1 player per 4 rounds). PPR, 1 pnt per 10 yrds rushing & recieving, 1 pnt per 25 passing, 6 pnts per touchdown, 2 pnts per tackle, ect, ect. Just started idp this year in a secondary draft so we didn't have keepers for that.



Aaron Rodgers

Marion Barber

Darren McFadden

Larry Fitzgerald

Gregg Jennings

Roddy White

Jason Witten

David Akers

Cowbays Special Teams (kick return, punt return yars only 1 pnt per 20 yards)

Brian Orakpo

Jonathan Vilma

Barrett Ruud

Gibril Wilson



Matt Hasslebeck

Donald Brown

Cedric Benson

Eddie Royal

Jermichael Finley

John Kasay

Dolphins ST

Darryl Tapp

Bradie James

Quintin Mikell

Bart Scott

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who were your keeper? your first 3 WRs and Barber? team is very good for a 10 team league so great for a 12 team league. Almost looks fake or the rest of the teams don't know what they are doing, if it weren't for the 4 keepers. White and Jennings were probably taken in the 4th thru 6th round last year?

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My keepers were Jennings who I got & kept in the 4th, Rodgers in the 6th, White slid until the 10th last year & kept him & picked up Royal as a free agent after week 1 last year and kept him. We could also trade players for picks and what not so I traded DeShaun Jackson (drafted him in the 15th last year) to someone to exchange picks in the 3rd, I went from the 3.11 to the 3.1 spot and grabbed Witten. I had the overall 3rd pick and got Fitz. The keepers made it interesting, very few top tier players left for each position and everybody would take a run at them so I just went the other way, worked out nice:) There was one guy in the league who didn't have a clue he took Jehrico Cotchery in the 2nd, other than that everyone is fairly knowledgable or had some good help.

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