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this year what's your favorite drafting position?


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I like only being a few picks from the return pick in the next round, 1-3 or 10-12. I really don't like being caught in the middle and having 10 people come off the board in between every pick. Seems like I'm either starting a run on a position early, or getting into one late. I know on the ends you can wait 18-22 picks between but I like getting two quick picks.

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since there may not be a 'got-to-have-him' number one this year what position would you like most?















I drafted 9 in one and 10 in another.

Got D Williams , Calvin Johnson, Ryan Grant, Wes Welker at 9

Got D Williams , Calvin Johnson, P Thomas, Housh at the 10


I think there is more RB depth this year than in recent years and I liked drafting toward the end of a 12 team league.

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I like 9. At 9 in most drafts you've still got DeAngelo or LT available, and Moss or Brady if worst comes to worst.


Last weekend I had my first draft. Drafted 8th. Took DeAngelo, Westbrook, Boldin & Owens. Still got Dallas Clark & McNabb. It just seemed like I was in absoolutely perfect position to get the players I wanted in the order of positions I wanted.

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