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Opinions on possible trade?


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16 team league, 16 man rosters: RB) 1-kevin smith, 2-jonathen stewart, Bench-rashard mendenhall, sammy morris, and tashard choice

WR) 1-fitzgerald, 2-royal, Bench-breaston, chris henry, and greg camarillo


trade- give up: breaston and morris

recieve: earnest graham and justin gage


Im looking at graham to upgrade at RB because stewart is often injured and mendenhall is unproven. I like breaston as my 3 reciever but i dont necesarily need to hold on to him becuase my starters are solid and i like chris henry as a sleeper this year. plus gage isnt anything exciting but he can be a solid enough fill in for byes or injuries at my 3 spot.


What do you think of this trade?

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I'd do it. I think Graham has lots of upside. Yeah the RB situation in Tampa is a mess....but he ran well when he was given the opportunity.....it could happen again. I'm always a fan of RB depth....especially in a 16 team league. WRs....there always seems to be someone on the waiver wire you can find in a pinch.....not so much with RBs. I also like Henry as a solid sleeper pick this year. If he can stay out of trouble.....he could be golden.

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