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Wtd Avg 2009 Projections


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YES! This post is a bit long, but it reads quick, and should help a lot of the issues some of you are having with Wtd Avg Projections Excel Workbook. If you have further issues, suggestions, quesitons, please post them here. My PM box is full (wonder why!). Thanks! And Enjoy!


The Wtd Avg Projections spreadsheet has been updated thru 08/23/09, and posted on 08/24/09.



Tight End Reqd Spreadsheets

No Tight End Spreadsheets


See below for the overview on how to use this spreadsheet


Updated Projections

Huddle -- 8/23/09

FFToday -- 8/19/09

KFFL -- 8/18/09

Fantasy Sharks -- 8/20/09


Other Updates

Fantasy Depth Chart from Huddle -- 8/19/09

ADP from MyFantasyLeague -- 8/23/09

WR Master List from NFL.com -- 8/22/09 (previously had a bug at nfl.com)





First and foremost, download the .zip file from the links above. Winzip is used to condense the file in order to make my uploads and your downloads faster. I believe you can get winzip free online someplace, if you don't already have it.


Now, use the link that matches your league format -- either it requires a TE(s) in your starting line-up (Tight End Spreadsheet), or your league considers TEs as WRs (No Tight End Spreadsheet).


After you get to the website, click on the v2002 link to begin your download. There are three versions of the same spreadsheet out there:


  • v2002 -- Contains all formatting, macros, formulas, etc. Do everything you can to make this one work.
  • v1997 -- Excel 1997 is compatible with Excel 2002, but mostly uses more space to do the same things. Only use this one if you can't get v2002 to work for you.
  • v1995 -- Excel 1995 loses a lot of functionality that is used in the v2002 spreadsheets. Only use this one as a last resort.


Internal Aspects of the Spreadsheet


  • This spreadsheet contains a lot of macros to help with easier sorting, etc. Must open it up with <Enable Macros> to get the sort buttons to work.
  • There are a LOT of formulas in this spreadsheet. Therefore, the Automatic Calculation has been turned off to save your (and my) sanity. See below on when it's best to turn it back on.



Creating your personalized Cheatsheets

Follow these steps to create your personalized cheatsheets for your league:


  1. League Size. Go to the "Avg Pick" tab, and enter your league size in cell M1. It's currently set to 12. This only helps to show the appropriate ADP on your final cheatsheet. Example: ADP of 13 in a league size of 12 is a 2.01. ADP of 13 in a league size of 18 is 1.13.
  2. Scoring Rules. Go to the "Scoring" tab and enter your league's scoring rules here. Note that not all possible combinations are provided here, such as a Defense holding an opponent to 3 pts = 7 fantasy points. Sorry. Doesn't do it. There is an optional step below that can accomodate these type of scoring rules.
  3. Personal Projections. (optional) Go to "QB", "RB", "WR", "TE", "PK", "DEF" tabs, and enter your own projections for the players listed, for each category (Passing Yards, Receiving TDs, etc). Projections are already provided from 7 different sources, and there's a column to enter your own proejctions, if you so choose, under "My Projections". (Hint: Feel free to use the current "Mean" value as a guide, if you prefer.)
  4. Weight the Sources. (optional, recommended) Go to "QB", "RB", "WR", "TE", "PK", "DEF" tabs, and assign a "weight" (aka "factor") for each source. This is done in cells E6:O6. They are all defaulted to "1", which provides an AVERAGE of all sources. However, you probably trust the huddle projections moreso than source XYZ. So, enter a heavier weight (example: 5) for the huddle (in cell E6), and a lower weight for XYZ (example: .0001). Note: Do NOT enter a weight of "0", as this could cause a "divide by zero" error, which would then mess up your rankings. Use something like ".0000001" instead.
  5. Adjust Player's Projected FF Points. (optional). Go to "QB Rank" (column Q), "RB Rank" (column Q), "WR Rank" (column Q), "TE Rank" (column O), "WR/TE Rank" (column R), "PK Rank" (column P), "DEF Rank" (column J). Feel free to ADD or SUBTRACT fantasy points for each player, as you see fit, that the standard scoring rules do not include. For example: Add your guess on fantasy points for PKs if your league awards "distance of FG". Add your guess on fantasy points for QBs if your league awards bonus points for games over 300 yds passing. Etc.
  6. Recalculate. Hit <F9>. This will calculate the projected fantasy points for all players, based on (a.) your scoring rules, (b.) the weight you provided for each source, (c.) your projections, and (d.) your adjusted fantasy points. This does NOT sort your rankings yet. Hang on to that. This ONLY computes the projected fantasy points for all players.
  7. Sort Rankings. Go to "QB Rank", "RB Rank", "WR Rank", "TE Rank", "WR/TE Rank", "PK Rank", "DEF Rank". Click on the <Yr Pts> button, which sorts the players by their projected annual fantasy points. You can sort any number of ways. But, your last sort should be <Yr Pts>, because your last sort will be reflected in the "Rank II" and "One Pager" cheetsheet tabs when a <F9> recalculate is performed.
  8. Recalculate. Hit <F9>. This will copy your last ranking sorts from the "Rank" tabs to the "Rank II" tabs and the "One Pager" tab.
  9. Repeat as you see fit.



Track Your Draft

Do NOT continue here until you are completely satisfied with your rankings, projected fantasy points, resulting One Pager cheatsheet, etc. The following steps remove a majority of the formulas, which reduces the size of the file and greatly increases the speed of the spreadsheet. That's the good part. The bad part is that the removal of the formulas does not allow you to change your projections, weights, scoring rules, and see it reflected in your rankings. Sorry. So, get your numbers above set right before continuing below..



  1. Remove unneeded formulas. This is a bit tedious, but well worth it. Takes about 10 mins. On these tabs:
    • Avg Pick
    • Profiles
    • QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DEF
    • QB Rank, RB Rank, WR Rank, TE Rank, WR/TE Rank, PK Rank, DEF Rank
    • QB Rank II, RB Rank II, WR Rank II, TE Rank II, WR/TE Rank II, PK Rank II, DEF Rank II


... do the following...


  1. Select the entire sheet.
  2. <Ctrl-C> to copy the entire sheet.
  3. Right-click in sheet to pull up context-sensitive menu.
  4. Paste Special...
  5. Choose "Values" and hit <Okay>


The formulas have been replaced by the actual values, never to be included in the next recalculation again.


[*]Remove unneeded formulas, part 2. On the "One Pager" tab, we do not want to replace ALL the formulas on this tab, just a majority of them.


  1. Select columns A-AE.
  2. <Ctrl-C> to copy the entire sheet.
  3. Right-click in sheet to pull up context-sensitive menu.
  4. Paste Special...
  5. Choose "Values" and hit <Okay>



[*]Enter Draft Order. On the Draft tab, enter your basic draft order, in the range of C3-K11.


[*]Turn on Automatic Calculation. Under Tools > Options..., go to the <Calculation> tab. Choose "Automatic" and hit <OK>.



You should be good to go, unless I forgot something.

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Thank you! :wacko:




Thanks for the great work. Quick question: is it possible to run a "Top 200" list from the data accumulated over each of the one pagers? I think it was possible in last year's release, but I'm not sure. I find that the easiest tool from which to draft when everything's happening live.

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Thanks for the great work. Quick question: is it possible to run a "Top 200" list from the data accumulated over each of the one pagers? I think it was possible in last year's release, but I'm not sure. I find that the easiest tool from which to draft when everything's happening live.

Sorry. There's not a "Top 200" list in this spreadsheet.

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Weighted. I assume.
Ding, ding, ding! :wacko:


Instead of a straight average of all sources, I wanted a way to "weight" some sources heavier than others. So, on each position tab (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DEF), you can enter a "factor" (aka "weight") for each of the sources that is provided. The name of the source, and the source's last update is provided to help you determine what the "weight" should be.

Edited by rhino
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I have my draft on Yahoo, so Yahoo clearly tracks the draft. What kind of calculations does the "Draft" tab do? I'm trying to determine if I should use this tab in conjunction with my computer draft?



if you enter the players as they are picked for each team & then enter the draft position the spreadsheet will automatically highlight off the players taken from the rest of the spreadsheet. By entering the draft position next to the players name in the pick column the spreadsheet will give you a value for you pick and at the end of the draft it kind of gives each team a draft grade based on the value of their picks. Very nice feature, but if your draft is going to be very fast-paced it'll be a little difficult to keep it updated.

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Rhino - this sheet is great. First time I've come across it - very nicely done. Wish I would have had this the last few years.


I have a question I was hoping to hear some thoughts on, regarding the weights applied to each projection (on the position tabs, like 'QB', 'RB', etc...). I've never paid much attention to projections from anywhere but theHuddle so I have no idea how they stack up to each other. I'm sure some are better than others - so what I'm looking for is a little direction on the weights. Can anyone recommend a weight for each?


Appreciate any info.




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I dont even know what that means... But whatev... Just wanted to make it known if it was an oversight. Im just here for the booze and booty.


Rhino, I know you provide this to us schmucks every year, and I thank you for it, but do you realize how much money you could make on this!! (I'm sure you hear that every year as well!!)


You are a genius my friend!! :wacko::D:D:D

Edited by Big Dogs
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