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Rate my Dynasty Team :)


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PPR - 1 point per 2 receptions

QB - 4 points for a TD

6 pts for all other TD's

10 yards = 1 points for RB/Wr

25yards = 1 point for QB


QB: Matt Ryan / Trent Edwards

RB: Frank Gore, Pierre Thomas / Kevin Smith, Jonathan Stewart, Glenn Coffee, Jamal Charlees, Gartell Johnson

WR: Greg Jennings, Vincent Jackson/ Ted Ginn, Kevin Walter, Jeremy Maclin, Miles Austin, Earl Bennett, Mohammad Masaquoi

TE: Vincente Shancoe

K: Nate kaeding

D: Chargers




1 QB

2 RB;s

2 WR's


1 TE

1 D

1 K

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On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being a without a sliver of a doubt superbowl contender and 1 being in your wildest dreams to make it to the finals, I rate your team as a 6. I love Frank Gore this season as well as Pierre Thomas. I'm just hung up on the QB's and WR's. I have to see Ryan do it again and then some. I don't doubt he can reproduce last years numbers but I just can't see him throwing mid 20 TD's and even if he did, I don't think that propels you into without a doubt going to the big dance category. Greg Jennings is as solid as they come at WR, but there's no consistancy from WR's behind Jennings. Sure Vincent Jackson is gonna get his, but in which games? He reminds a lot of Lee Evans where you don't know what week to start him because he's all or nothing on a week to week basis. This week it was 2TD's and 100 yds, next 2 weeks 30 or 40 yards with no TD's. Kevin Walter is similar to that as well. Overall, a couple of solid, consistant fantasy producers, but not enough there to get too excited about. Just my honest opinion.


I'll post my 5 player keeper league for opinions myself:


K. Warner

S. Jackson/ K. Smith

L. Fitzgerald/ Brandon Marshall/ Chris Chambers

Jason Witten

New Enland DEF/ST and Kicker



Eli Manning

C. Buckhalter, P. Hillis, L. Maroney, S. Morris

Bryant Johnson, Mike Walker, Hakeem Nicks

Jermichael Finley


(I know depth isn't too hot)

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