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Keeper - Westy and Grant?

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Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on keeping Westy and R Grant this season? It was a rough year last season, and these are my best keeper options, believe it or not. I do not NEED to keep anyone however. I like Grant this year but seems like everyones down on Westy?


I'm thinking I might have to play it by ear and see who everyone else is keeping and then make a decision before the draft starts.


Problem is rules are that I lose the first and second picks if i keep 1-2 players.... It is a PPR league though, and i have the 2nd pick.

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Who do you expect to be available at your pick if you keep no one?


How many owners do you expect to keep one or more players? (basically, how quick will your first two picks come up if you keep no one)


Lineup requirements? Scoring system?



I guess thats the catch. In our league, we don't say who we are keeping until we all get there that night. I supposed I should go through last years final rosters and speculate who will be kept. I would have the over all 2nd if everyone keeps 2 people, but who knows..


If I keep noone, I would have either the first or second pick overall.


I guess there is a lot of IF and BUT's in my situation. So let me restart this. What are your/anyones thoughts on Westy and Grant this year. Im in WI and dont want to be a homer but Grant looks good this offseason. Last year he was hurt and the contract distractions hindered him. I think he will be good this year. just my gut feeling. But everyone is down on westy...?

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My gut says that neither is a first round pick this year. Most likely, considering you have the #2 pick, I protect no one, and then evaluate my situation in the draft. Worst case, you draft one of them back with your first pick. Better case, a more attractive option is available in the draft.

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