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The WR-WR theory put to the test

Bengal Mania

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Hard not to like my team, but wasn't crazy about going WR WR

Here's what happened (6-pt TDs all positions, no PPR.....std CBS scoring)


It's a single-keeper leage (based on later round pick from last two years, so Chris Johnson (me), Forte, Slaton, and AJohnshon were "1st rounders" that were kept, so the overall list shifts by a few picks before it got to me w/ 1.12 and 2.01 picks (as past champion).


So I already have Chris Johnson, and watch the no brainers, plus Brees, Brady, and Manning go ahead of me (I admit I was considering Brees w/ my pick), as well as Gore, DWilliams, and BJacobs (the players I thought I'd be choosing from). So what's left sitting there at #12 but RMoss and LFitzgerald. So I nabbed 'em both with little thought. I could have chosen from Westbrook, Portis, Barber, but don't like them there w/ the risks that come. The only tier 1 players I was gonna get at that spot were the only two left, both WRs


When my 3rd/4th swing picks came up, the tier 3 RBs had just been picked clean, so I went even crazier and took McNabb (the only tier 2 QB left) and AGates.


So my running backs finally came in the form of CWells, CBenson, CJohnson (keeper), and DBrown in rounds 5,6,7,8, and later got R Williams and JCharles as furhter (future) depth.


Got hte Ravens and Kaeding in later rounds (also tier 1 in the huddle lsheets).


So while I don't love my RBs, I like them ok, esp when I was able to secure Tier 1s at WR (x2), TE, DEF, K, and Tier 2s at RB (keeper) and QB. I paid the price in backup QB and WRs, so key injuries will kill me. But it's hard not to like the talent on paper.


This is not a "rate my team". I like it fine.

It is just another testimonial as to what can happen when you use different strategies. I would not have taken two WRs (even these two) at 12/13 if I didn't have a solid keeper at RB, but it did work out that RBs thru tier 3 were gone by my next pick. I like Wells and Benson, but I'd rather have these guys as RB3 not battling for RB2.


It's amazing to me how quick many RBs start to look similar at the end of Rnd 1 (injury risk, RBBC, bad def, various reasons), so I can see why you get tempted by the studs at other positions.

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WR/WR/WR/WR (or no RB theory) put to the test last season by me.


My first 6 picks (all non RBs)









I came in 2nd place out of 12.


Who cares about the draft, strategy, etc? Give us what we all really want to know: how much was the buy-in and how much did you win?

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I had the 1.08 in my 12 team local and decided to go WR, WR, TE, QB route to see how things turned out


1. Fitz

2. Moss

3. Witten

4. Warner


ended up with Reggie Bush and Ray Rice as my starting RBs, A Bryant for a flex, and Gostowski and Philly rounding out my starters.


back ups are Stafford, L McCoy, J lewis, J Charles, Hester, Morgan, Celek, and Oakland


barring injuries this team could be sick with 1 point per reception...long story short as long as you are cool with less than stellar risk/reward RBs you can wait untill the 5th round to get your starting RB.


Are these WR WR posts just rate my team posts in disguise? :wacko:


WR/WR has been a hot topic this season it seems...so i figured i show how it could turn out, could really care less what you think :D

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