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WHat you think of my team


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Its a PPR and PPC


QB- Matt Ryan


RB- Thomas Jones

RB/Wr- Jonathan Stewart

WR- Greg Jennings

WR- Roddy White

TE/WR- Tony Gonzalez

D/ST- Tenn

LB- Jonathan Vilma

DB- Eric Weddle

D- London Fletcher



C. Benson, K. Walter, M.Hassleback, T. Ginn Jr., Willis Mcgahee, E.J Henderson, Steve Smith(NYG), Josh Wilson

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Thomas Jones doesn't get many receptions, is old, has already peaked; but I think he definitely has a couple more good seasons in him. Remember they did draft a RB in Shonn Greene who will be put in the system to probably replace Jones in upcoming seasons if his performance is not up to par.


Otherwise you have a lot of highly targeted guys and should be up for a a pretty good season.

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thanks for your response.


I like your balance. Benson being your #4 RB should be a good spot starter. there are at least 4 games (pitt and bal) that you can not start him but he could be a good flex and bye filler. Your starting WRs are good. You are balanced all over. I don't know much about IDP but from what I am learning so far it appears that you have 3 high quality guys. I personally didn't know who Weddle was but I have found out he is very good for fantasy,

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