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Is this a good approach?


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Has anyone else considered changing their strategy this year? The more I think about it, the more I'm wondering if grabbing 2 stud WR's in the first two rounds is they way to go...


Consider the 8 spot in a 10 team league..... You should have no problem getting two of the following... AJohnson, RMoss, CJohnson, RWayne, possibly even Fitz....


Then in the 3rd you should see some RB's slide because many of the other teams will have went RB/RB. You could end up with two from a group like Barber, KSmith, PThomas, RGrant etc.... Not to mention the possibility of snatching the top Tier QB that may slide......


I just don't see the quality in RBs 5-10 like I remember seeing....too many committees and too many questions for my taste...


You can bolster your depth later with players like Addai/Brown, Benson, Parker/Mendenhall


Anyone else think this year might be the DTO year??

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I don't think that's a bad strategy at all. I think you take the best available player period which seems like it would be one of the upper tier WR's. If you go that route, I like Kevin Smith in Detroit as it doesn't appear that he'll be a primary back and not so much RBBC.

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