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Am I crazy...Who would you pick?


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I play in a 12 team, 3 player keeper league. We have an option of keeping a 4th player if they were a rookie last year....but you lose the draft round you picked them in. I am keeping Ray Rice as I picked him in the last round last year (no harm there). I have the 5th pick in our draft this year. My keepers are:


P. Manning

L. Fitzgerald

R. Grant

R. Rice (rookier keeper)


Here are 4 players, where at least one will make it to me at the # 5 spot:


B. Westbrook

P. Thomas

C. Portis

C. Johnson


There usually is a big run on RB's in the first round as it is slim pickn's after that. I'm really tempted to take C. Johnson if he makes it to me but that would leave a lot of work needed to select a decent RB coming back in the 2nd round. If I take Johnson I would probably have players like Benson, Parker, F. Jones, J. Jones as choices. But a Fitzgerald/Johnson duo is really tempting.........


Who would you go with?

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Whats the drop off of WR if you don't take Calvin compared to the drop off of RB's if you don't select any of those listed? Personally, I'd take Robotron. Forget the "Who will throw him the ball" comments. Who threw him the ball last year? :wacko:...hilarious.

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Do not draft Portis! Let someone else hate him this year...If it where me I take Westbrook and then Thomas...I love Calvin but the dude cant throw himself the ball...


:wacko: Calvin Johnson had 78 catches for 1331 yards and 12 TDs last year. Who was throwing it to him then?

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Yep, draft is today and I'm gonna take him if he gets to me at 5. Then, I'll just have to wait to see who might drop to me in the 2nd and take the best RB. If a back like J. Jones or L. Washington type could get to me then, he might make a good flex start. Maybe even a C. Benson. Afraid all the others will be gone but we'll see. Thanks guys and will see how it goes.................

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