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Trade or hold?


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I'm new to the forums, this is my first post but I'm not new to fantasy football...I do apologize if this is not posted in the correct area.


I belong to three leagues and in one of them I feel like my team is really solid but I'm debating whether I should try to make some moves or not.


Its a standard league and my lineup is as follows


QB Carson Palmer

RBs Matt Forte, Clinton Porits, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown

WRs Marques Colston, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Steve Smith (of Carolina) and Muhsin Muhammad

TEs Chris Cooley, Jeremy Shockey

K Josh Brown

DST Chargers, Bears


I'm sure Forte is my starter, my number 2 rb is up in the air, both Portis and Addai have become injury risks but are capapble of clearing 1000 yards. I picked Addai and Brown both up off of waivers...not sure how that happened. Palmer is coming off of a elbow injury and now has a gimpy ankle but in the past has shown the ability to put up some decent numbers and I drafted him late so he could be a great value, but a risk. My question is, do you guys think I should make a trade with maybe Plamer and Portis for a qb like Phillip Rivers or maybe Aaron Rodgers? I would still have Forte and addai with Brown if Addai goes down but no solid reserve if something happens to both Addai and Forte...although I'm sure somebody will show up on the wire.


Thanks for the advice.

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I can start


1 qb

2 rbs

3 wrs

1 te

1 kicker

1 dst


David Garrard and Jake Delhomme are about the only 2 qbs on the waiver wire that are worth a look and both are on run first teams...and maybe Garrard can duplicate his 2007 numbers and have a decent season with a fresh healthy o-line but nothing is in stone with that.


The only reason I have Cooley and Shockey is because I was able to get Shockey really late in the draft and I think he could blow it up and be someone I could trade after the first few games for a great backup wr or rb.

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I like them both this year, tho I have Garrard significantly higher. I'd pick up Garrard right now if you're concerned. As part of JAX run-game is passing the ball to MJD.



Thanx for the advice, I really wasn't lookin to get depth @ qb though, I just thought maybe I could upgrade my qb position and still be solid @ rb with Forte Addai and Brown.


The way I see it is if I traded Palmer and Portis for someone like Rivers then I would have 1 roster open and I could then sign Gararard...and I agree he will bounce back this year. So I could not only upgrade my qb position but also open up my roster for depth.

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